As a Sports Business Analyst for ESPN, Andrew Brandt appears regularly across all of the network's platforms, including as “SportsCenter”, “NFL Live”, “Outside the Lines,” and “First Take.”

Throughout his broadcast career, Andrew Brandt called upon his background as an agent, Green Bay Packers executive and sports business educator to inform his unique take on events going on all around the National Football League – ranging from the Deflategate saga to salary cap management to social media’s affect on the business of football. The ultimate football insider demonstrated his expertise and honed his dynamic delivery with the Worldwide Leader in Sports, making Brandt one of the most compelling speakers in the industry today.
In April 2016, Andrew Brandt joined ESPN’s Outside the Lines to discuss the NFL Commissioner’s power within the league’s Personal Conduct Policy. After an independent arbitrator confirmed the commissioner’s role, Brandt offered context based on previous player cases that led to this ruling, broke down the arbitrator’s 50-plus page explanation and explained what steps the NFLPA will likely take in the future.
Flushed with broadcast revenue, a new era of NBA free agency contracts dawned in July 2016. Drawing from his experiences as both a leading executive for the Green Bay Packers and as an agent for the athletes, Andrew Brandt sized up NBA and NFL contract structures, specifically citing the differences in guaranteed money and deal lifetime, and debated the NFLPA's leverage in future CBA negotiations.
At this clip’s 9:01 mark, Andrew Brandt joined ESPN’s Outside the Lines during a segment regarding the Rooney Rule, which requires NFL Executives to interview minorities with the hopes that it will lead to more hires for minority coaches. Brandt recalled when the Rooney Rule was instituted during his tenure as the Vice President of the Green Bay Packers and offered ways the NFL could improve the rule’s effectiveness.