‘Tis the Season: Standouts Sit Out

As most of us are gearing up for the holidays, college football players are preparing to play in their team’s bowl game. Except for two, that is. College running back...

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Examining Roger Goodell’s Power

The NFL has given four players a deadline to cooperate with its investigation into the Al Jazeera PED report or face suspension. Andrew Brandt explores how this affects...

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Week 15: #AskAndrew

This past Sunday, as the Bears and Packers were warming up to take the field – which was a brisk 11 degrees, by the way – I sat down to answer questions about...

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Saquon Barkley is about to ink one of the largest contracts ever for a running back, which shows how cold the business of football can be to veteran RBs (by @AndrewBrandt)

Blake Bell and Tinker Owens help set up the meeting for Baker Mayfield and his agent. They didn't meet until Jan 15th via @AndrewBrandt podcast.

Listening to Jack Mills, the agent for @bakermayfield, on a podcast from @AndrewBrandt Great listen. He was also the agent for Steve Owens as well. 48 years separate the two Heisman winners, but the agent remains the same.



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